Affordable Badminton

Quality brands, great prices.

FORZA FZ - The idea of a Danish quality product at a fair price as an alternative to the Asian brands turned out to be a good one, and in 1993 FZ FORZA was already the second biggest badminton brand in Denmark. In 1996 the North Jutland brand was given the seal of approval when FZ FORZA signed a contract with leading Danish elite division clubs. FZ FORZA is top quality equipment at fair prices, developed in Denmark by badminton players for badminton players.

GOSEN - is a Japanese company that produces synthetic strings for the fishing, manufacturing and racquet sport industries (more specifically tennis, soft tennis and badminton). As a leading manufacturer of synthetic strings, GOSEN have been pursuing every possibility of improvement for racquet sports based on its longstanding experience, persistent research and continued pioneering spirit. GOSEN will keep developing the future of strings and racquet sports.

ASHAWAY - At ASHAWAY the commitment to the advancement of racquet technology is absolute. Over 150 years since ASHAWAY started making fishing line, and for over 50 years has devoted itself to the production of the worlds most technologically advanced racquet and string.

FLEET - All FLEETs products are tested to comply with the world-class badminton products standard. FLEET is the company that produced the first 88 single-pass grommet holes light-carbon-racquet in the world, and one of the pioneering companies that utilises plating technology which breakthrough the conventional racket design, and also succeeded with 30 pounds tension affordability that has made it a market leader again. FLEET use advanced technology from Japan, UK and Germany to produce top quality badminton products.

APACS - APACS Sports was established in year 2002 to promote and distribute high quality sports equipments in local and international market. APACS represents their motto for the game, AGGRESSIVE, POWER,ACCURATE, CONTROL and SPEED all the essential ingredients of the game. The products that APACS produced, are reliable and assured quality which are used by athletes throughout the world. APACS produce superior quality equipment for serious performance, through the artful combination of technology and craftsmanship.

RSL - RSL is a professional badminton equipment provider, established in England since 1928. Their belief in stylish designs, out of the box Innovation, superior quality, affordable prices coupled with first class buying experience and services are the key factors attributed to their success. RSL are also the biggest shuttlecock manufacturer in the world.